Tips to improve PC performance in Windows 10

Does PC Performance have you down?

PC Performance can cause you more than headaches. It can cost you money, and it shouldn’t.

That is why we developed the P3 Prevention Plan. We perform these steps for you with regular maintenance and optimizations. There is a one time $10 setup fee and free after that. You can know that your computers are running their best.

If you are a do-it-yourself person you can try some of the following suggestions from Microsoft to help make your Windows 10 PC run better.


Windows 10 Creator’s Update is Now Available!

Microsoft has officially released the newest update to Windows 10 called the Creator’s Update. The Microsoft Windows operating system is really a service now that periodically gets updated with new features over time rather than a general Operating System upgrade from one version to another as has been practiced in the past (ie: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc.). Windows 10 is really just Windows and will be continually updated and enhanced.

Any issues?

We are not going to say that there will not be any problems during the upgrade but we have already performed dozens of Creator’s Update upgrades and, to Microsoft’s credit, have had no problems. Should you want more reassurance though just contact us for a free consultation or schedule us for an appointment and we can perform the upgrade for you to ensure everything goes smooth.

What’s new?

Microsoft has not rested on their laurels. There is a richer Cortana AI experience, increased security and improvements to built-in applications like Paint (now Paint 3D) and Movies & TV. Paint 3D now lets you change 2D images to 3D. You could make your own creation and take it to the Cedar City Library and use their new 3D printer!

Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, also has some great improvements. It has better tab management, better security and battery saving features than any other browser and is faster. In the past we had experienced a few issues with Edge not performing as well as we like but Microsoft seems to have cleaned it up. It is now our favorite browser.

If you would like more details on the features the Creator’s Update brings, head on over to the Ultimate Guide from our friends at Windows Central or from Microsoft themselves!

The big question…. should you upgrade?

You are probably already running Windows 10. If not, you should be. It is a very good operating system and it’s fun to use! You do not have to be a designer or anything to appreciate the Creator’s Update. It has many features and improvements that warrant the update. We have experienced increased performance, improved features, longer battery life and an all-around enjoyable computing experience.

Starting today, April 11, the Creator’s Update will be rolling out through Windows Update automatically. It will be delivered to computers at different times so just be patient. If you want to get the Creator’s Update right away then just click here. You will save the file to your computer, run the program and follow the instructions. Again, should you want more reassurance contact us for a free consultation or schedule us for an appointment and we can perform the upgrade for you to ensure everything goes smooth.

Enjoy the Windows 10 Creator’s Update and always remember to get your DATA-IN-FORMATION!